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Stinger Stud Welder Kit

Stinger Stud Welder Kit

Great mid-range kit with the most powerful lightweight gun available.
Deluxe contents at a mid-range price!
The Uni-Spotter 5050 Stinger Kit is Loaded with Quality Products.
2 year limited warranty
Deluxe Stud Gun (No. 5590),
Deluxe handle slidehammer (No. 1016),
2.2mm studs (No. 1001),
Mold rivets (No. 1003),
Stud tip (No.1004),
Mold rivet tip (No. 1005),
Shrink tip (No. 1007)

Product Specifications

H And S Auto Shot 5050
Stinger Stud Welder Kit
ToolNook Part Number HS5050
Brand H And S Auto Shot
MPN 5050
UPC 842005001909
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 24

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Stinger Stud Welder Kit
Part Number: HS5050
Our Price: $315.92