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Dmm Inductive Amp Probe

DMM Inductive Amp Probe

Ideal for testing alternator output, starter and battery current draw and all other electrical wiring circuits

  • Operating range 0-600 AMP AC/DC
  • Designed to work with all Digital Multimeters
  • Measures parasitic draw
  • Ergonomically designed for easy use
  • Red / Green indicator light shows power and low battery
  • Easy slide switch for measurement selection
  • 2-foot test lead
  • Zero adjuster for calibration

  • Product Specifications

    Innova 3347
    DMM Inductive Amp Probe
    ToolNook Part Number IV3347
    Brand Innova
    MPN 3347
    Shipping Weight (lbs.) 1

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    Dmm Inductive Amp Probe
    Part Number: IV3347
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