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X-Long Dominator Hook Pick And Hook Set

X-Long Dominator Hook Pick And Hook Set

Used for a variety of applications such as automotive and electrical work in confined spaces, scribing lines, O-ring and

  • Includes c-hook, complex hook, cotter pin puller and 90 degree hook.
  • Patented Dominator handle with stock that goes to the handles end for maximum impact and durability

  • Product Specifications

    Mayhew 60027
    X-Long Dominator Hook Pick And Hook Set
    ToolNook Part Number MH60027
    Brand Mayhew
    MPN 60027
    UPC 045256600277
    Shipping Weight (lbs.) 3.66

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    Warranty Disclaimer

    The warranty information contained below is for general information purposes only.

    The warranty information below is provided by the manufacturer of the brand Mayhew and while TOOLNOOK endeavors to keep the information up to date and correct any reliance you place on such information is strictly at your own risk. We STRONGLY suggest contacting the manufacturer of Mayhew for complete warranty information.

    Warranty Information

     Industry Leading Quality Since 1856
     MayhewPro tools are backed by a lifetime warranty*. If this MayhewPro hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, it will be replaced free of charge. Make sure to return the product to the original retailer for a replacement. For any additional tool-specific warranty information, please see the product packaging. 

     The warranty does not cover consumable items, including but not limited to; cables and cable assemblies, brass, hollow punches, o-rings, lights, or batteries which are determined to be expendable parts that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period, or if a tool has been misused according to the instructions.

    About Mayhew

     From the beginning, Mayhew has understood that when your livelihood depends on the quality of your tools, just good enough wouldn’t cut it. And since 1856 we’ve made tools that reflect the character of the men and women who use them: Exceptional, Reliable, Tough.
     That’s how we’ve become the preferred name in hand tools for professional mechanics—by manufacturing hand tools that are guaranteed to perform exactly as they're intended, every single time you pick them up. No one has time for anything less. And we’ve taken that same approach to quality when selecting tools for our do-it-yourself customers as well. Sure, it might be a hobby or weekend home repair project, but these folks take what they do just as seriously and deserve tough, reliable tools to match their dedication.
    Mayhew Steel Company is an American institution that takes pride in its heritage. Our American-manufactured, rugged tools deliver performance professionals can count on, day in and day out. As a result, Mayhew has become known for true American craftsmanship—the best tools made from the best materials—and that’s a reputation we’re dedicated to upholding. Today, the majority of our tools continue to be manufactured in the U.S. What little we outsource in order to remain competitive comes from countries such as France and Taiwan, where they value quality just as much as we do. We’ve had to adjust our approach a little to keep up with the changing economy, but we refuse to sacrifice quality and remain committed to manufacturing tools our customers can rely on.
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    X-Long Dominator Hook Pick And Hook Set
    Part Number: MH60027
    Our Price: $61.07