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H & S Auto Shot Manufacturer of Heat Lamps, Paintless Dent Repair, Welding Stud Guns, etc.

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Mold Rivet Tip For Unispot Stud Gun
H And S Auto Shot 1005
Our Price: $18.96
Mold Rivet Tip for UniSpot Stud Gun
Uni-Puller Service Kit
H And S Auto Shot 1028
Our Price: $28.64
Kit includes collet, O-ring, and spring for repairing the Uni-Puller.

Eliminator Side By Side Adaptor
H And S Auto Shot 1045
Our Price: $46.37
Eliminator Side By Side Adaptor
Uni Wire Tip
H And S Auto Shot 2110
Our Price: $15.41
Uni Wire Tip

Uni-Wire Conversion Kit,2110 Tip & 1041 Adapter
H & S Auto Shot 2130
Our Price: $46.45
H And S Auto Shot Our Price: $22.40

Trigger Switch For Hs4550
H And S Auto Shot 4515
Our Price: $27.23
Trigger Switch for HS4550
Stud Pulling Slide Hammer
H And S Auto Shot Our Price: $79.28
Stud Pulling Slide Hammer

Stud Welder Starter Kit
H And S Auto Shot 4550
Our Price: $192.72
The Uni-Spotter 4550 Starter Kit Plus Is a great entry level kit. This kit features the most powerful welder in a Starter Kit. Use this kit as a base ...
Trigger Switch For Hs4590
H And S Auto Shot 5015
Our Price: $22.45

Stinger Stud Welder Kit
H And S Auto Shot 5050
Our Price: $315.92
Great mid-range kit with the most powerful lightweight gun available. Deluxe contents at a mid-range price! The Uni-Spotter 5050 Stinger Kit is Loaded...
Stinger Plastic Tool Box
H And S Auto Shot 5529
Our Price: $58.04
Stinger Plastic Tool Box

Stud Buddy Pin Puller
H And S Auto Shot Our Price: $47.21
Reduces panel repair time, thereby increasing your profitability Allows for sensitive control of pull, reduces over pulling Quick and easy multi pul...
Univac Dent Pulling System
H And S Auto Shot DTK-7700
Our Price: $154.04
A quality machined dent puller for professional use Comes with three different sized vacuum cups and a durable storage case Self-contained vacuum feat...

2.2Mm Welding Pin Studs
H And S Auto Shot 1001
Our Price: $16.25
Replacement Studs 2.2mmFlexpert Uni-Spotter Welding Stud S2.2mm, for regular sheet metal damage. Special 5 process alloy for super flexibility. For ha...
2.6Mm Welding Pin Studs
H And S Auto Shot 1002
Our Price: $18.39
Replacement Studs 2.6mm500 PiecesHeavyweight Uni-Spotter Welding Stud S2.6mm, the heaviest stud available. Specially designed for heavy hit areas. Ide...

Deluxe Uni-Spot Kit
H And S Auto Shot 9000
Our Price: $447.38
Uni-SPotter Deluxe Stud Welder KitThe Uni-Spotter 9000 Deluxe Kit Contains:9090-Uni-Spotter Delux Gun1016-Deluxe Slidehammer1095-Mini Pull'r1040-Elimi...
H And S Auto Shot DK1000
Our Price: $123.04
Dent Killer - Dent pulling AttachmentThe DK1000 Dent Killer is welded to the panel surface using a UNI-SPOTTER stud welderFeatures & Benefits:Works gr...

Mini Puller
H And S Auto Shot 1095
Our Price: $35.44
Mini Stud Puller
Mini Puller Slide Hammer
H And S Auto Shot 1016
Our Price: $104.49
Slide Hammer Uni-Pull