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Snap Ring Pliers .090 Size 90 Degree
Lang Tools 3494
Our Price: $9.78
Snap Ring Pliers .090 Size 90 Degree
12 Piece Combination Internal External Snap Ring Pliers Set
Lang Tools 3495
Our Price: $66.14
Includes 12 fixed tip pliers with the following sizes: .038, .047, .070, and .090 in 0-degree, 45-degree and 90-degree angles. Part No. Size Angle 348...

Brake Resetting Gage 6-1/2
Lang Tools 380A
Our Price: $26.38
Set the proper clearance between brake lining and drum. Knulted know locks tool at measurement. Working drum diameter range: 6-1/2" to 14-1/4". Calibr...
Spark Plug Lamp Gauge
Lang Tools 4450A
Our Price: $3.36
Spark Plug Lamp Gauge

3-1/4 Axle Nut Socket
Lang Tools 45-1208
Our Price: $16.14
3-1/4 Axle Nut Socket
2-1/2 Axle Nut Socket
Lang Tools 45-1221
Our Price: $14.55
2-1/2 Axle Nut Socket

2-5/8 Axle Nut Socket
Lang Tools 45-1222
Our Price: $16.14
2-5/8 Axle Nut Socket
2-3/4 Axle Nut Socket
Lang Tools 45-1223
Our Price: $16.79
2-3/4 Axle Nut Socket

Automatic Slack Adjuster Release Tool And Wrench
Lang Tools 4651
Our Price: $33.93
Used for adjusting Rockwell Automatic Slack Adjusters. The set consists of a forked-end tool to release the tensioner button, and a 5/16 double square...
Slack Adjusting Release Tool
Lang Tools 4655-1420
Our Price: $14.70
Slack Adjusting Release Tool

Lang Tools 50-2600-0005
Our Price: $1.42
1/4" - 20 Rethread Tap
3/8-16Nc Tap
Lang Tools 50-2602-0005
Our Price: $1.51
3/8-16NC Tap

3/8-24Nf Tap
Lang Tools 50-2612-0005
Our Price: $1.49
3/8-24NF Tap
M8 X 1.25 Rethread Tap
Lang Tools 50-2621
Our Price: $1.61
M8 X 1.25 Rethread Tap

M12 X 1.25 Rethread Tap
Lang Tools 50-2637-0005
Our Price: $1.48
M12 x 1.25 Rethread Tap
7 Piece Bit Wrench Set
Lang Tools 5220
Our Price: $25.03
5? ratcheting increment allows for increased functionality in restricted applications Wrench is fully enclosed, reducing the possibility of contaminan...

M8-1.25 Die From Ks972
Lang Tools 52-2656-0005
Our Price: $1.36
M8-1.25 Die from KS972
7 Piece Bit Set
Lang Tools 5278
Our Price: $25.01
7 Piece Bit Set

Angle 5/16 Bit Wrench Set
Lang Tools 5429
Our Price: $55.45
Used in conjunction with multiple bits for general purpose applications. Wrench set is especially useful to remove/install automotive door hinges.. Ex...
Tie Rod Wrench
Lang Tools 615
Our Price: $52.04
For adjusting tie rods on vehicles with rack and pinion steering. Works on most spline, hex, and two flat design tie rods. Spring-loaded upper jaw piv...