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Inspection Camera

Inspection Camera

Inspection Camera

 An Inspection Camera (sometimes referred to as a borescope) is an optical instrument composed of flexible cable with a viewing screen on one end and a camera head or lens on the other end. The inspection camera usually allows for illumination control of the hidden object. An internal image of the illuminated hidden object is formed by the camera and magnified by in the viewing screen usually with a zoom control function.
 Rigid or flexible Inspection Cameras are normally fitted with an imaging or video device and some support video streaming to a local computer.
 Inspection Cameras are used for inspection work where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means. Similar devices for use inside the human body are referred to as endoscopes. Inspection Cameras are mostly used in testing or diagnosing problems and can be used to look for defects or imperfections. Inspection Cameras are used to perform and sometime record a type of visual inspection.
 Inspection Cameras are commonly used in the visual inspection of aircraft engines, aero derivative industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel engines, and automotive gas engines. Gas and steam turbines require particular attention because of safety and maintenance requirements. Inspection Camera inspections of engines can be used to prevent unnecessary maintenance, which can in some cases become extremely costly. They are also used in manufacturing of machined or cast parts to inspect the final product.
 A Video Inspection Camera uses a miniature video camera at the end of the flexible tube. The end of the insertion tube includes a light which makes it possible to capture video or still images deep within equipment, engines and other dark spaces. As a tool for remote visual inspection the ability to capture or stream video or still images for later inspection is a huge benefit. A display screen in the hand held portion of the inspection camera shows the camera view, and the viewing position can be changed by handheld controls. Because the complex optical waveguide is replaced with an inexpensive electrical cable, video Inspection Cameras can be much less costly and potentially better resolution than rigid borescopes (depending on the specifications of the camera). Many inspection cameras are easy-to-use, battery-powered, have LCD displays, and the video camera head and flexible tube are submersible or water resistant.

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5.5 Video Camera Head
Autel MVIHC55
Our Price: $67.50
5.5 Video Camera Head
8.5 Video Camera Head
Autel MVIHC85
Our Price: $37.50
8.5 Video Camera Head

Hard Camera Cable (2M), 8Mm
AC Delco CIC802
Our Price: $83.99
Hard Camera Cable (2M), 8mm
Hi Resolution Cordless Inspection Camera
Ac Delco ARZ1204
Our Price: $201.69
Non Corrosive Liquid Proof flexible cable protects camera head for hard to reach areas such inside pipes, drains, and moist environements. 5-setting L...

Multi-Media Inspection Camera 4.5Mm Head
Ac Delco ARZ6055
Our Price: $209.95
The ACDelco ARZ6055 Multi-Media Inspection Camera with 4.5 mm camera head that allows you to inspect tough-to-reach areas. With included 4GB SD memory...
Multi-Media Inspection Camera 8 Mm Head
Ac Delco ARZ6058
Our Price: $242.10
The ACDelco ARZ6058 Multi-Media Inspection Camera with 8 mm camera head that allows you to inspect tough-to-reach areas. With included 4GB SD memory c...

Seeker Video Inspection System 2.4 Screen
General Tool DCS280
Our Price: $120.00
Big, bright color LCD for crystal-clear real-time video imaging 9mm (0.35 in.) diameter x 1m (39 in.) long camera-tipped probe is thin enough to fit i...