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Innovative Products Of America Manufacturer of Wire Strippers, Suction Cups, Inspection Lights, Pry Bars, etc.

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Grease Joint Rejuvinator Master Kit
Innovative Products Of America 7863
Our Price: $48.08
Grease Joint Rejuvenator Master Professional Model Pocket Model 5 Flex Hose Extra Grease Coupler Have you ever tried to push grease in through a greas...
7 Pin Tractor Trailer Light Circuit Chaster
Innovative Products Of America 7865
Our Price: $24.47
The Circuit Chaser does ?One-Man Testing¸ for male and female 7-Pin tractor trailer plugs and much more! Troubleshoots tractor trailer circuits One pe...

2 In 1 Wire Stripper And Cutter
Innovative Products Of America 7870A
Our Price: $14.96
2 in 1 Wire Stripper and Cutter
Brake Pad And Caliper Pressure Diagnosing Kit
Innovative Products Of America 7884
Our Price: $162.44
Eliminates guesswork when troubleshooting disc brake problems. The Disc Brake System Analyzer? comes with 2 load cells Attached to analog gauges, each...

Engine Calibration And Set Up Kit
Innovative Products Of America 7891
Our Price: $97.35
The Engine Calibrations Set-up kit gives you everything you need to set up an engine at your fingertips. 1. Crank Stopper 14 mm 2. TDC Indicator ( 6¸ ...
Seven Flat Pin Trailer Plug Circuit Tester
Innovative Products Of America 7893
Our Price: $18.72
The 7-Pin Flat Circuit Chaser quickly and easily tests trailer circuits on most light/medium duty trucks and campers

2 In 1 Wire Cutter Stripper 14 Awg To 10 Awg
Innovative Products Of America 7896
Our Price: $16.92
Self-adjusting stripper quickly strips 14 to 10AWG wire Catch, hold & strip copper wire in one quick motion with self-adjusting stripper No stripping ...
6 Round Pin Tester
Innovative Products Of America 7897
Our Price: $17.39
Plug the 6 pole trailer tester into the back of the vehicle and apply the Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Running Lights etc. If the Vehicle is wired cor...

Gator Jaw 23
Innovative Products Of America 7899
Our Price: $46.83
These 23 long new oil filter removal pliers handle the most stubborn oil filters out there today. The versatile, expanding jaws bite into the oil ca...
14Mm Steel Brush 3 P/K
Innovative Products Of America 8001-14S3
Our Price: $7.04
14MM Steel Brush 3 P/K

15Mm Steel Tool Brush (3Pk)
Innovative Products Of America 8001-15S3
Our Price: $7.04
15MM Steel Tool Brush (3Pk)
9Mm Steel Tool Brush (3Pk)
Innovative Products Of America 8001-9S3
Our Price: $7.04
9MM Steel Tool Brush (3Pk)

36 Piece Bore Brush Set W/ Driver
Innovative Products Of America 8001D
Our Price: $56.21
Brush sizes: 8mm through 19mm Steel, Brass, and Nylon brush types Each brush has a 1/4" hex driver shank Now with driver handle Packaged in blow mold...
Driver Handle For Brushes
Innovative Products Of America 8002
Our Price: $7.31
Driver Handle For Brushes

Bore Brush Flexible Extension Kit
Innovative Products Of America 8004
Our Price: $14.59
Flexible extentions make it easy to reach hard to get to places 6 12 & 18 flexible extensions on ? drive hex shank ? female Coupler uses a set screw t...
Fuse Saverá 10, 15, 20 Amp Short Circuit Assist Tool
Innovative Products Of America 8005
Our Price: $59.05
The #8005 Fuse Saver gives you a level of versatility in electronics testing never before available. It allows you to move about the vehicle while ch...

15 Amp Fuse Saver
Innovative Products Of America 8005-15A
Our Price: $27.53
15 Amp Fuse Saver
Fuse Saver Handle(30Amp)
Innovative Products Of America 8005-30A
Our Price: $25.35

Connector Cable For Ip8005
Innovative Products Of America 8005-7
Our Price: $23.58
Connector Cable for IP8005
Fuse Saver Update Kit
Innovative Products Of America 8015
Our Price: $71.60
For owners of the original 8005 Fuse Saver this is for you. This update kit includes the New 30 Amp Fuse Saver, The New BuzzAlert and 6 Fuse Saver Ada...