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Plews Manufacturer of Grease Guns Grease Gun Adapters, Barrel Pumps and Transmission Drain Pans.

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Plews 5025
Our Price: $5.52
Grease needles are used for various lubricating of small high friction parts. Lubricates in very tight places such as universal joints and sealed bear...
Standard Duty Hydraulic Grease Coupler For End Of Hose
Plews 5031
Our Price: $1.87
Hydrailic couplers fit at the end of the grease hose to couple onto the grease fitting. Hardened jaws, rubber seal, check valve Fits standard grease g...

Grease Injector Needle
Plews 5037
Our Price: $1.98
Grease Injector Needle
Seal-Off Dispenser
Plews 5041
Our Price: $3.88
Use for lubricating cars with grease plugs. Oil and grease resistant rubber tip. 1/8 female NPT. Use with grease gun extension or hose. For hand opera...

Needle Nose Dispenser
Plews 5045
Our Price: $2.04
Dispenses a fine line of grease through needle nose. 3/4" adapter with 1/8 female NPT. Use with extension or hose. 19/32 needle length .046 tip diamet...
Plews 10212GS
Our Price: $3.67
12" Grease Whip Hose

Plews 10219
Our Price: $4.78
18" Grease Whip Hose
Tire Gauges 20-120Psi
Plews Our Price: $1.45
Tire Gauges 20-120PSI

Digital Tire Pressure Gage 1-100Psi
Plews 17537
Our Price: $9.56
Pocket size digital tire gage features pressure readings up to 100 PSI. Unit has an ergonomic design for easy handling.
Suction Oil Gun
Plews 30118
Our Price: $9.88
Suction Grease Gun Designed for draining and filling non-corrosive liquids. Barrel holds approximately one pint with 9 stroke. Features 12 plastic h...

Midget Grease Gun With Grease
Plews 30132
Our Price: $10.57
Midget Grease Gun with Grease
Standard Duty Lever Grease Gun
Plews 30200
Our Price: $9.35
Standard duty grease gun.Lever handle.

Standard Duty Pistol Style
Plews 30300
Our Price: $14.28
Standard Duty Pistol Style
Heavy Duty Lever Action Grease Gun
Plews 30475
Our Price: $18.15
Deluxe Grease Gun Bulk grease only 10,000 lb. maximum pressure. Barrel diameter 2-1/4" 16 oz. Length 22-1/2"

Ultraview Lever Action Grease Gun
Plews 30-700
Our Price: $29.07
Develops 8,000 PSI (550 BAR) Variable stroke feature built in for use in confined areas Delivers 1.5 oz grease per 40 strokes High tolerance aluminum ...
Ultraview Pistol Action Grease Gun
Plews 30-720
Our Price: $29.07
Develops 5,000 PSI (345 BAR) Delivers 1 oz. of grease per 40 strokes Comfortable one-hand operation Unique bulk loader fitting doubles as an air bleed...

Ultraview Suction Gun
Plews 30-740
Our Price: $21.65
Visually see exactly what is inside Determine amount of dirt or impurities in system High-tech polycarbonate, shatterproof, see-through barrel For dra...
1 Pint Oiler With Flex Spout
Plews 50337
Our Price: $9.02
1 Pint Oiler With Flex Spout

1 Quart 9
Plews 50347
Our Price: $16.23
Heavy duty, steel body with epoxy finish to resist rust.
6 Oz. Pistol Oiler Painted Body
Plews 50515
Our Price: $6.27
6 Oz. Pistol Oiler Painted Body