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Schley Products, Inc.

Schley Products, Inc. Manufacturer of Specialty Tools - Fan Clutch Wrenches, Harmonic Balancer Pully Pullers, Pully Holding Tools, Serpentine Belt Tools, etc.

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10Mm Univ Valve Adj Nut
Schley Products 88950
Our Price: $28.29
10mm Jam Nut Valve Adjustment Tool
12Mm Honda Jam Nut Adjustment Tool
Schley Products 88800
Our Price: $28.29
12mm Jam Nut Valve Adjustment Tool

3/8 Inch Ford/Mercury Serpentine Belt Tensioning Tool
Schley Products 90250
Our Price: $23.99
3/8 Inch Ford/Mercury Serpentine Belt Tensioning Tool
Bmw & Audi Fan Clutch Wrench
Schley Products 62100
Our Price: $28.90
BMW 32mm Fan Clutch WrenchFeatures and Benefits:For 3, 5 , 7 & 8 Series BMW ApplicationsThis heavy duty 32 mm wrench has been designed with extra leng...

Cam Seal Installer-Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infinity, Mazda
Schley Products 63800
Our Price: $38.51
Cam Seal Installer w/ 10 & 12mm X 12.5 Threaded Cam BoltsFeatures and Benefits:This tool is designed to easily install the cam seals in 4 & 6 cylinder...
Chrys, Ford, Gm, Serp Belt Tl
Schley Products 96260
Our Price: $28.81
15mm & 18mm Serpentine Belt Tensioner

Heater Hose Disconnect Tool Chrysler & Ford
Schley Products 93440
Our Price: $23.00
Chrylser / Ford Heater Hose Disconnect Tool
Honda Acura Camshaft Balance Shaft Seal Installer
Schley Products 60170
Our Price: $41.28
Camshaft/Balance Shaft Seal Installer Features and Benefits: This Unique tool has been developed to aid in the installation of balance ...

Lexus/Toyota Harmonic Damper Holding Tool
Schley Products 64300
Our Price: $55.37
Toyota Crankshaft Holding Tool
Mitsubishi Chrysler Tensioner Spanner Wrench
Schley Products 98700
Our Price: $17.12
Tension Pulley Spanner Wrench

Oxygen Sensor Wrench
Schley Products 93750
Our Price: $19.35
GM 2-1/8 Offset Oxygen Sensor Wrench
Puller Push Rod 7.4
Schley Products 97400-7
Our Price: $2.90
Extended Push Rod

Rear Toe Adjustable Wrench For Taurus/Sable
Schley Products 90650
Our Price: $23.90
Ford/Mercury/Lincoln Rear Toe Adjustment Wrench
Relay & Fsble Link Slp/Jntplr*
Schley Products 98110
Our Price: $31.39
Adjustable Relay and Fusible Link Slip Joint PliersFeatures and Benefits:This Unique Tool has Been Developed for Removal & Installation of Relay & Fus...

Toyota 3.4L Timing Belt Tensioner Tool
Schley Products 97300
Our Price: $30.85
Toyota Timing Belt Tensioner Compressor
Toyota/Lexus Valve Adjusting Tool
Schley Products 88250
Our Price: $24.59
Valve Adjusting Tools Toyota/Lexus

Trans Seal Remover/Installer Tool Gm 1996 & Later
Schley Products 96480
Our Price: $21.52
GM Transmission Seal Remover/Installer
Universal Cam Gear Holder
Schley Products 96800
Our Price: $49.22
Camshaft Pulley Holding Tool Nissan/Toyota/OHC

Universal Fan Clutch Wrench
Schley Products 61600
Our Price: $34.44
Universal Fan Clutch WrenchFeatures and Benefits:The 61600 replaces item's # 95220, 95230, 95270, and 96370 this specially designed contoured water pu...
Valve Stem Seal Removal Pliers
Schley Products 92350
Our Price: $30.75
Narrow Access Valve Stem Seal Removal Pliers