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Steck Manufacturing Manufacturer of Autobody Tools - Door Aligning Bar, Door Spring Tool, Nib Files, Bumper Holder, Rivet Stoppers, etc.

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Antenna Bezel Nut Multi-Wrench
Steck Manufacturing 21600
Our Price: $15.31
Antenna WrenchFeatures and Benefits:Fits most antenna bezel nuts- domestic and foreign. Simple and compact. Compared to a socket set, it's easier to c...
Big Easy Kit With Plastic Wedge
Steck Manufacturing 32950
Our Price: $28.51
Lock Out Tool "Big Easy Glow"Features and Benefits:Same As STC32900Glows in the DarkGreat For Service Trucks at NightBright Yellow

Bumper Tree Holding Stand
Steck Manufacturing 35800
Our Price: $137.34
Bumper Tree - Bumper HolderFeatures and Benefits:Sand, mask, prep and paint all on the bumper tree! Bumper cover is secured by chains. Chains are adju...
Door Hinge Pin Popper
Steck Manufacturing 21835
Our Price: $21.30
Door Hinge ""Pin Popper"Features and Benefits:Removes door hinge pins FAST drives out even stubborn hinge pinsDirect impact clearance for door panels ...

Door Jammer
Steck Manufacturing 17000
Our Price: $20.94
Door JammerFeatures and Benefits:Hold the door open while you hammer, pull, grind, sand or paintFor door and deck lidsHold solidFits any size latch
Double Density Sanding Block
Steck Manufacturing 35300
Our Price: $6.13
Double Density Block (Pair)

Fender Fixer
Steck Manufacturing 20055
Our Price: $37.32
Fender Fixer Features and Benefits:Collision force to one front fender often travels through the hood to push out the top of the opposite fender. The ...
Gm Light Truck Door Spring Tool
Steck Manufacturing 21910
Our Price: $13.24
GM Door Spring ToolFeatures and Benefits:Safest tool available for coil springs in GM Doors. Compresses spring for easy, safe removal. Slides safely e...

Paint N Stick
Steck Manufacturing 35660
Our Price: $17.63
"Paint-N-Stick" Side View Mirror HolderFeatures and Benefits:Allows you to Cover all the AnglesPowerful Magnets to Attach to Wall of Booth, or Hang it...
Plugweld Pliers
Steck Manufacturing 23230
Our Price: $23.74
Plug Weld Pliers Features and Benefits:Copper alloy backing plate prevents burn thru (weld will not stick to the copper alloy). Plug weld pliers allow...

Pogo Stick Ii
Steck Manufacturing 20099
Our Price: $51.41
Pogo II Features and Benefits:Fast leverage pulling & one handed operation. Core supports repaired quickly. Hook bolt heads, flanges, anywhere ... Fit...
Pro Step, Adjustable Platform, Rolling Van Stand
Steck Manufacturing 20350
Our Price: $121.99
Pro Step 1000 Lb. Capacity Heavy Duty PlatformFeatures and BenefitsHeavy Duty (1000 lb. cap.) Platform (32" x16")Foam bumpers protect vehicle finish.S...

Quarter Puller
Steck Manufacturing 20022
Our Price: $36.73
Quarter Puller 9, Q.P. IIFeatures and Benefits:Pulls Rear Quarter & Wheel Well Hooks above the lip of the wheel opening. Two curvatures (one on each s...
Quarter Puller Ii
Steck Manufacturing 20033
Our Price: $34.43
Quarter Puller 9, Q.P. II Features and Benefits:Pulls Rear Quarter & Wheel Well Hooks above the lip of the wheel opening. Two curvatures (one on each ...

Seam Buster
Steck Manufacturing 20015
Our Price: $21.61
Hookster Multi-Purpose Hook ToolGreat for Hooking:Headlight Springs Grille Latches Dashboard Wiring
Spec Out Paint Nib File
Steck Manufacturing 35250
Our Price: $12.27
Spec-Out Nib FileFeatures and Benefits:Removes runs and dirt nibs honed tips of teeth shave without digging in.Available in coarse or fine.

Sure Grip Trim Clip Plier
Steck Manufacturing 21720
Our Price: $17.55
Sure Grip Trim Clip PliersFeatures and Benefits:Won't break clips Works faster and easier Works on trim pads, hood insulation, etc.
Wheel Weight Remover
Steck Manufacturing 71510
Our Price: $10.96
Super ScraperFeatures and Benefits:Works Like A Chisel!One piece composite construction can be hit with a hammer Removes emblems, body side moldings a...

Air Tool Oiler Dispenser
Steck Manufacturing 16600
Our Price: $35.73
Used for daily oiling of all types of air tools Saves the technician time and protects his/her investment in air power tools over current manual metho...
Hatch Jammer Door Holding Rod
Steck Manufacturing 17100
Our Price: $23.83
Hold hatch open and secure for prep, paint, buffing, and paintless dent removalEasily adjust work angle to comfortable positionImproves visibility of ...