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Uview Manufacturer of A/C Dye, A/C Dye Injectors, UV Light Leak Detection Kits and Antifreeze Drain and Fill Machines.

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Spot Gun Jr Phazer Kit For Uv Leak Detection With 18 Led
Uview Our Price: $90.03
Services up to 20 vehicles. A professional dye delivery system utilizing the Phazer Lite - leading-edge technology with the use of 18 True-UV LED?s Fe...
Uv Jr Led Lite Kit
Uview 332010
Our Price: $53.75
Professional Spotgun Jr. injection system. Includes: Spotgun Jr. gun, (2) 10 apps. A/C dye cartridges, R-134a hose & R-12 adapter.

Jr. Pico Lite Kit
Uview 332220
Our Price: $68.73
Professional Spotgun injection system. Includes: Spotgun, 64 apps. A/C dye cartridge, R-134a hose and R-12 adapter.
Pico Lite 1 Watt Luxeon Light W/ Glasses
Uview 413020
Our Price: $47.18
Professional compact leak detection light delivers big performance. Utilizing a 1 watt Luxeon½ LED bulb, the latest in high intensity LED technology. ...

Uv Rechargable Phazer Leak Detection Light Lithium Ion
Uview 413025
Our Price: $92.00
High Output UV LED True UV: Fluoresces dyes brighter than blue LED lights Adjustable Lens Focus: Allows for focusing light intensity Rechargeable Lith...
Led Single Strip Cordless Freedom Light
Uview 413310
Our Price: $73.72
All new Single Strip LED Technology offers technicians a wider, brighter light. Wide angle lens eliminates the hassle of repositioning your light Sing...

Spotgun Kit With Rechargable Micro-Lite
Uview Our Price: $122.31
Services up to 64 vehicles. Quickly and easily injects dye into A/C systems. Eliminates over injection and mess Features: Cordless/Rechargeable 12V UV...
Spot Gun Caulking Gun For Use With 8 Oz Dye Cartridge
Uview 471539
Our Price: $13.36

Leak Guard Ac Insurance Kit Freon Line Leak Stop/Preventer
Uview 480300
Our Price: $52.93
LeakGuard has been rigourously tested for stability and compatibility and is completely safe and effective with all types of refrigerants. Use LeakGua...
1 Oz Leak Guard Refill For R12/R134
Uview 480301
Our Price: $12.97
LeakGuard has been rigourously tested for stability and compatibility and is completely safe and effective with all types of refrigerants. Use LeakGua...

E-Boost Universal Pag Oil With Dye
Uview 488016P
Our Price: $12.37
Universal Pag oil with Dye and eBOOST? 16 oz. / 355 ml bottle Includes MoistureGuard? Technology What is eBOOST?? - eBOOST? is a proprietary performan...
Pag Oil Cartridge
Uview 488046P
Our Price: $9.17
PAG OIL: (46 Viscosity)

Hybrid Ester Ac Oil Cartridge 4 Oz.
Uview 488104H
Our Price: $21.59
The air conditioning system on Hybrid vehicles are different and require specific A/C compressor oils and installation procedures. UView's Hybrid A/C ...
Pag Oil Cartridge 125 Visc.
Uview 488125P
Our Price: $9.17
Pag Oil Cartridge 125 Visc.

Airlift Ii Heavy Duty Fleet Version
Uview 550500HD
Our Price: $132.69
Built to remove airlocks in HD Cooling systems associated with trucks & buses. Creates a vacuum in the coolant system, refilling the entire system in ...
Airlift™ Venturi Assembly For 550000
Uview 550510
Our Price: $26.83

Rubber Stopper Air Lift 4 Pieces
Uview 550535
Our Price: $7.43
Rod Neck Cone Adapter For 550500
Uview 550537
Our Price: $6.43

Hydro Carbon Radiator Leak Cooling System Tester
Uview 560000
Our Price: $53.68
Dual Chamber filters out alkaline particles that may cause a false positive. Higher accuracy test vs. Single chamber units. Universal test solution f...
Replacement Test Fluid
Uview 560500
Our Price: $9.14