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Bright Solutions Manufacturer of A/C Labeling and Leak Detection Equipment.

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Battery Alert Warning Device
Bright Solutions 103000
Our Price: $19.33
Don?t be stuck with a vehicle or boat that won?t start as a result of a dead battery!! Battery Alert emits an audible alarm to notify the vehicle owne...
8 Oz Ac Dye Cartridge 64 Application Eco Brite Green
Bright Solutions 130100
Our Price: $29.59
The most environmentally friendly dye on the market. Green and Solvent Free!! SAE Certified and OEM Approved. 8oz cartridge will service 64 vehicles....

8 Oz Ac Dye Cartridge 64 Application Stay Brite Yellow
Bright Solutions 130105
Our Price: $28.34
The most popular cartridge for the Pro-Shot Injection System. SAE Certified and OEM Approved. From the largest supplier of fluorescent dyes in the Wor...
64 Dose Pro Shot Dye Injection System
Bright Solutions 130221
Our Price: $100.83
The most precise and accurate injection system on the market. The Pro-Shot gun measures exactly 1/8oz of dye prior to injection. Eliminates over-injec...