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22 Piece Otc Ford Master Cam Tool Kit
OTC 6489
Our Price: $417.62
Ford Camshaft Master KitFeatures & Benefits:Allows servicing on multiple Ford MotorsCam Holding toolsWeight 20Lbs.
4.6,5.4L Cam Positioning Tool Cnvic,Van,Expd,Ftrck,Nav,Gmrk
OTC 6009
Our Price: $44.12
Ford Cam Positioning Tool. For Use with OTC6020

Audi Camshaft Alignment Fixture
Assenmacher T40030
Our Price: $255.66
Camshaft alignment fixture used to hold and align the camshafts. Applicable: Audi 3.0L V6 (5V), used in 2002-2005 Audi A4 and 2002-2004 Audi A6. Used ...
Audi Camshaft Holding Kit
CTA Manufacturing Our Price: $166.42
Special bar lock camshafts relative to each other during timing belt and tensioner service or when removing crank bolts. Use with CTA #2872 TDC Lock ...

Audi V6  5 Valve Cam Alighning Bar To Hold Both Camshafts
Assenmacher 3391
Our Price: $146.31
Used to hold both camshafts in T.D.C. position. Applicable to VW and Audi V6, 2.8 and 2.7L engines with 5 valves per cylinder. Used in conjunction wit...
Bmw Camshaft Alighment Tool
Assenmacher BMW400
Our Price: $219.16
Includes 2 blocks, swivel lock and locking pin. For setting camshaft timing. Comparable to BMW tool numbers 113240 and 112300. Applicable for M42, M44...

Bmw Camshaft Bearing Locating Fixtures And Depressor
Assenmacher BMW5260
Our Price: $317.85
Used for locating the upper and lower cam bearing strips when installing the exhaust camshaft. Comparable to BMW Factory Tool #114460. Applicable to B...
Bmw Double Vanos Camshaft Tool Set ( Bmw480 And 400-1)Needed
Assenmacher BMW462TU
Our Price: $318.87
The BMW 462 TU is used in conjunction with the BMW 480 and the BMW 400-1. This kit includes all of the following comparable BMW factory tool numbers: ...

Cam Seal Installer-Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infinity, Mazda
Schley Products 63800
Our Price: $38.51
Cam Seal Installer w/ 10 & 12mm X 12.5 Threaded Cam BoltsFeatures and Benefits:This tool is designed to easily install the cam seals in 4 & 6 cylinder...
Camshaft Adjusting Socket Audi Vw
Assenmacher T40028
Our Price: $44.18
Camshaft Adjusting Socket used to adjust variable valve timing on the exhaust side camshaft to basic position. Applicable: Audi 3.0L V6 (5V). Used in ...

Camshaft Alignment Kit
Lisle Tools 37410
Our Price: $25.36
For Servicing the Timing Belt, Chains, Head Gaskets or Other Valve Train Repairs on Ford, Mercury and Mazda Vehicles. The kit comes with an aluminum c...
Camshaft Alignment Tool For Audi 40V V-8
Assenmacher T40005
Our Price: $138.33
Used to hold both camshafts at TDC position while replacing the timing belt. Used in conjunction with #3242. Applicable: Audi/VW with 40v V8 (5v per c...

Camshaft Phasing Gear Puller
Assenmacher Our Price: $111.05
Extractor for the Camshaft Phasing Gears with 5 and 6 spokes on V6 and V8 engines. Includes T40001/5 arm for 5-spoke V8 carb engines. Puller fits in t...
Camshaft Pulley Holder Kit
Assenmacher 7200
Our Price: $135.46
Fits belt-driven 4, 6 and 8 cylinder Toyotas & VW/Audi 1.8L, 2.0L turbo, 2.0L BBW, 2.5L, 3.2L.& Comes w/ 3 sets of interchangeable pins. Pins may be t...

Dual Overhead Cam Lock Tool
Lisle Tools 36880
Our Price: $22.55
Dual Overhead Cam Lock ToolFeatures & Benefits:Locks camshaft sprockets in place during belt / chain replacementThis versatile tool easily locks and h...
Honda Acura Camshaft Balance Shaft Seal Installer
Schley Products 60170
Our Price: $41.28
Camshaft/Balance Shaft Seal Installer Features and Benefits: This Unique tool has been developed to aid in the installation of balance ...

Mercedes 271 Camshaft Alignment Fixture
Assenmacher M27161
Our Price: $65.87
Mercedes 271 Camshaft Alignment Fixture
Mini Cooper Camshaft Alignment Tool
Assenmacher MC1216
Our Price: $231.64
Applicable to 2007-2013 Mini Cooper models with the N12 and N16 (non-turbo) engines. Comparable to Mini tool #119540. Additional tools required are t...

Subaru Camshaft Alignment Tool
Assenmacher SU250
Our Price: $105.22
Camshaft alignment tool for Subaru. Constructed from lightweight aluminum. Comparable to Subaru499207300. Applicable to: 2.5L DOHC non-turbo engines.
Subaru Camshaft Pulley Holder
Assenmacher SU200T
Our Price: $95.11
Used to hold the camshaft pulley on 2002-2005 Impreza WRX with 2.0 Turbo. Also fits 2000 Subaru Forester L F4-2.5L SOHC This tool will not fit the 200...